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For decades, Cooper & Dunham has represented inventors of medical imaging and diagnostic technologies, and manufacturers of medical imaging and diagnostic equipment, before the United States Patent Office and in various courts in the United States. For example, the firm assisted one of the pioneers of computed-assisted  tomography, or CAT scanning, technology to obtain a portfolio of patents and assisted the inventor to enforce such patents successfully against virtually every manufacturer  of CAT scan equipment, without having to go to trial. Several of the manufacturers later engaged the Firm to represent them in lawsuits and/or before the United States Patent Office in connection with other diagnostic imaging technologies.

In some instances, two well-known manufacturers of magnetic resonance imaging equipment turned to Cooper & Dunham to defend them in respective lawsuits filed by a patent owner, and the Firm sucessfully obtained settlements for the manufacturers for rather small sums, especially when compared to judgments obtained by the patent owner against an other manufacturer (not represented by the Firm).

Cooper & Dunham also represents one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic imaging equipment and other medical instrumentation in the field of women’s health. The Firm sucessfully represented the manufacturer in several lawsuits and has represented the manufacturer before the Patent Office in connection with hundreds of patents.