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For more than a decade, Cooper & Dunham has provided clients in the optical recording media and/or optical media recording industries with legal services spanning the intellectual property spectrum, including counseling, patent procurement, patent enforcement, defending against charges of infringement, etc. 

For example, one record label, a long-time client of Cooper & Dunham, was hailed into court by a patent owner who alleged that the compact discs marketed by the record label infringed the asserted patent. The Firm identified material prior art neither presented to nor otherwise considered by the United States Patent Office prior to issuance of the asserted patent. Based on the strong invalidity defense advanced by the Firm on behalf of the record label, the lawsuit against the record label was settled with the record label incurring minimal expense relative to the possible exposure from the lawsuit. The patent owner, however, successfully asserted the patent against other record labels and content providers.

In another instance, Cooper & Dunham represented a leading manufacturer of pre-recorded optical recording media to obtain a successful ending to a lawsuit brought on behalf of a patent pool against the manufacturer. The Firm continues to represent the manufacturer before the United States Patent Office in order to develop a stalwart patent portfolio that is valuable asset and may serve as a deterrent to others from bringing lawsuits against the manufacturer.

As another example, Cooper & Dunham assisted an international company to enforce its portfolio of patents directed to optical media drives and optical media recording equipment and techniques against several manufacturers of such drives and equipment, in order to obtain a royalty stream for the client from the manufacturers. For decades, the Firm has represented the company before the United States Patent Office to obtain over a thousand patents, many of which are directed to cutting edge technologies.