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Cooper & Dunham LLP is well equipped to serve a variety of both new and mature industries due to our history, creativity and resources.  The firm has been involved in many of the most exciting intellectual property matters in recent history.  The firm's attorneys have aggressively and vigorously pursued our clients' interests without losing sight of the financial impact of our legal costs upon our clients' budgets.

Noteworthy cases Cooper & Dunham has successfully represented include:

  • The first case in the United States asserting design patent infringement of bottle designs against parallel imports of premium perfumes.
  • The university at which Professor Axel conducts research and teaches in licensing numerous manufacturers under a patent, which discovered a method of inserting foreign DNA into eucaryotic cells which could then make valuable pharmaceutical products such as erythropoietin (EPO), granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF), and tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) which the cells ordinarily could not make. 
  • The owner of a portfolio of patents covering Cat Scanner X-ray machines.
  • Frederick Eis on a clarifier thickener apparatus and method used to separate solids from liquid in various industrial processes.
  • A large direct response marketing company to protect its new safer can opener invention from unfair competition and false advertising.
  • A major veterinary company confronted with a competing vaccine being made by a competitor which had hired several of its key employees having knowledge of the trade secret process by which the client's vaccine was made.
  • A client having a portfolio of semiconductor memory patents in licensing and litigation, against some of the world's largest memory chip manufacturers, which generated over $200 million in licensing income.
  • Obtaining a judgment after a jury trial in Federal District Court sustaining trade dress rights in the configuration of a handbag. 
  • A client accused of infringing medical device patents, and developed on the client' behalf noninfringement and invalidity defenses, enabling the client to negotiate a favorable settlement before trial.
  • A major global positioning system (GPS) manufacturer; prosecuting and defending patent infringement actions.
  • A major retailer in a jury trial involving copyrights in fabric designs.