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Andrew W. Gorman

Scientific Advisor

Areas of Practice

Andrew earned a Ph.D. in Microbiology from New York University School of Medicine, where his studies focused on DNA recombination and repair pathways in microbial pathogens.  Andrew’s later post-doctoral research work at Duke University included design and development of next-generation sequencing techniques to investigate translation regulation during the cellular stress response.  While at Duke, Andrew also worked as a Technology Transfer Fellow in the Office of Licensing and Ventures.

Andrew assists clients with the preparation and prosecution of patent applications relating to biotechnology and pharmaceutical inventions, including targeted gene-editing techniques, enzyme engineering, biologics and antibodies, sequencing methods, and diagnostic biomarkers.



  • New York University, Sackler Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Ph.D., Microbiology, 2015

  • New York University, B.A., Biochemistry, 2009    

Honor’s & Awards


  • National Institutes of Health - F31 Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award (NRSA), “The Mechanism of Genetic Exchange in Trichomonas vaginalis” Principal Investigator, NIH Grant No. 5F31AI102596-02.

Publications and Abstracts

  • Gorman AW, PL Kastritis, Back S, Mosalaganti S, Beck M, Vogel C, Silva GM. “Ubiquitin controls the elongation step of translation during oxidative stress.” 2018 CSHL Translational Control Meeting.

  • Back S, Gorman AW, Vogel C, Silva GM.  “Site-specific K63 ubiquitinomics provides insight into translation regulation under stress.” (2019) J Proteome Res., 18(1): 309-318.

  • Conrad MD, Gorman AW, Schillinger JA, Fiori PL, Arroyo R, Malla N, Dubey ML, Gonzalez J, Blank S, Secor WE, Carlton JM.  “Extensive genetic diversity, unique population structure and evidence of genetic exchange in the sexually transmitted parasite Trichomonas vaginalis.” (2012) PLOS Negl Trop Dis., 6(3): e1573.