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Thank you for your interest in Cooper & Dunham LLP!

Cooper & Dunham LLP has specialized in intellectual property for over 130 years and presently has approximately 30 IP professionals. We are committed to practicing law within our area of specialization and to the future growth and success of our firm. To accomplish these goals, we focus on hiring lawyers who have technical training and expertise, including undergraduate and advanced degrees, and superior academic records in both law and engineering or science.


Practicing law with a mid-sized firm such as Cooper & Dunham LLP has many advantages.  Attorneys at all levels benefit, from the start of their careers, from direct and meaningful interaction with partners and clients.

Through a combination of salary, benefits, and bonuses, our compensation package is competitive. To encourage educational enhancement, the firm provides financial assistance, in the form of reimbursement for tuition or fees, for approved educational seminars, graduate courses, professional conferences, PLI courses, and the patent bar review course. Additionally, associates are encouraged to engage in professional and client development.


Our attorneys' workloads are both demanding and diverse. We are involved in numerous, significant matters for high profile clients, and responsibility for complex matters often comes quickly, depending upon individual capability.  We seek outstanding lateral professionals who are a good fit for our firm.  If you possess an appropriate technical background with skills that will complement our team here at Cooper & Dunham LLP, we invite and encourage you to apply to our firm.


Law Students

Our highly successful Summer Associate Program is our primary source for the recruitment of new associate attorneys. Second and third-year law students with undergraduate or graduate degrees in engineering, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, biology, and computer systems are encouraged to apply. Our 10-week program provides Summer associates opportunities for hands-on experience in patent and trademark prosecution and litigation.  Summer associates undertake a variety of challenging projects and assignments that provide a realistic view of law firm life and work. In addition to the experience summer associates receive, we provide various formal and informal events planned to allow summer associates the opportunity to interact with associates and partners outside of the office.


Where appropriate and available, summer associates can attend client meetings, depositions, and court proceedings.  Summer associates are provided support through assigned mentors who provide guidance, offer advice, and share their expertise. Summer associates are given feedback on their performance through formal reviews at the five-week mark, as well as at the end of the summer. Informal feedback is provided by supervising attorneys as summer associates complete various projects and assignments.

Summer associates are recruited through various efforts, including law school career fairs, on-campus interviews, and in-office interviews. Applications are typically accepted for 1L and 2L students beginning July of each year.

New Lawyers


Each fall, we seek to hire several qualified third year law students. We interview at a limited number of law schools, but we invite and encourage students from all law schools with an appropriate technical background to apply to our firm.

Scientific Advisors


Individuals with Ph.D.’s in the physical and life sciences or engineering, who have applied, or plan to apply, to law school are encouraged to apply for positions as scientific advisors. We will train you in patent practice and provide a competitive salary. 


All individuals interested in applying to Cooper & Dunham LLP should submit their resume and cover letter to:

Betsy Bookas
Director of Human Resources & Recruiting
Cooper & Dunham LLP

90 Park Avenue, Floor 21

New York, NY 10016


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